Hunting Variety of Accessories on Local Markets Tour in Jakarta

Options of Local Markets to Choose on Walking Tour in Jakarta

In almost every part of the world, each has their own local markets, so does Jakarta. While there are variety of local markets to choose from in Jakarta, we will introduce you to local markets that sell accessories in Jakarta.

Improve Your Look with Accessories You Can Find in Local Markets in Jakarta

While you can find accessories easily in malls and stores, searching for accessories in local markets can be your other alternatives. Stores in traditional or local markets offer more choice and more affordable prices, usually at wholesale price. The more you buy, the cheaper you can get. You can find almost every accessory including hairbands, pins, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and many more.

Where to Look for Accessories on Local Markets Tour in Jakarta

There are a lot of options at local markets that offer a wide variety of accessories. Asemka Market for example. It is one of the local markets that is in the Chinatown area of Jakarta. You can find almost any kind of store and vendors there, mainly souvenirs and accessories at affordable prices. And then, there is also Jatinegara Market, where you can find gems accessories. You can find any types, colors, and sizes of gemstones that you can customize and attach into your own accessories.

Explore More of the Local Markets with Jakarta Walking Tour

Besides accessories, there are a lot more you can explore by visiting and strolling around the local markets. You can experience the daily life of the locals and shop like locals. If you are curious and would like to see for yourself about the fun in exploring local markets, come visit Jakarta and join our Jakarta Walking Tour. We will take you to stroll around corners to corners of Jakarta to learn about the history, culture, and many more about Jakarta. See you around!