Souvenir Markets to Explore on Walking Tour in Jakarta

Learning About Indonesian Culture on Local Markets Tour in Jakarta

In Indonesia, there are a custom to give souvenirs in wedding events. So, wedding souvenirs business are flourishing here. Since there are usually hundreds, or sometimes thousands of guests at weddings, there are many vendors who offer competitive prices for orders in big amounts. There are many kinds of souvenir products and sellers. People who have a limited budget can buy or order the souvenirs in the local markets in Jakarta.

Hunting Unique Souvenirs on Local Markets Tour in Jakarta

While there are a lot of places that sell wedding souvenirs, there are a few of the most popular for souvenirs with quite affordable places, which are Jatinegara and Asemka market. Jatinegara is a local market that is located at the East of Jakarta, while Asemka is at the West of Jakarta. Both markets offered a wide variety of souvenirs with a wide range of prices.

Certain Souvenirs for Certain Events to Find on Local Markets Tour in Jakarta

Not only for weddings, but for some other events like birthdays and circumcision ceremonies, there is a custom to hand in souvenirs to the guests that attended the event. The items varied from cutlery, towels, candles, essential oils, mugs, keychains, and many more. The price can be as low as two thousand rupiah or equals to 0.12 USD per piece. Sometimes, it depends on what amount you would buy. The more you buy, the cheaper that you can get.

Explore More Than Just Souvenirs in Local Markets During Tour in Jakarta

As it is more popular as souvenir markets, actually both places offer a lot more than that. Not only cheap souvenirs, but you can also find other local products such as fashion items, food, snacks, fruits, and many more at affordable prices. If you have a chance to visit Jakarta, then join our Jakarta Walking Tour to see more of it directly by yourself. We will take you to explore and learn deeper about Jakarta’s culture, history, and culinary. See you around!