Snacking with Jakarta Street Food

While you are visiting Jakarta, traveling for a business trip, visiting relatives, or even to take a city tour Jakarta with us, and suddenly your stomach is growling, it is time to recharge your energy. Don’t see any restaurant nearby? Don’t worry! You can still find Jakarta Street Food (or foods!) in almost every corner of the street to save you 😉

Jakarta Street Food : Gorengan To Save Your Day

What is gorengan? It is a term for any fried food material. “Goreng” means “fried” in English. Don’t be surprise if you find Indonesians like fried food a lot. Almost every thing can be fried in here. From tofu, tempe (fermented soybean), banana, pineapple, cassava, anything! You name it. Maybe it’s not much, but gorengan is not bad to fulfill your empty stomach. You can get 1 type of gorengan for IDR 1 k, cheap isn’t it? Yup, gorengan is the cheapest Jakarta Street Food you can find in this big town. Believe me.

A Plate Full of Gorengan

A Plate Full of Gorengan

Jakarta Street Food : Kue Putu, The Attractive Ones

Another Jakarta Street Food choice is to enjoy kue putu (steamed rice roll cake filled with sugar palm). It has a green color. It is so pretty that you can resist. It is not as easy to find kue putu sellers as much as you find gorengan sellers, they usually sell it in a residential area, there are something in their cart that emits a unique sound to notify someone that they are passing by. The sound is like a train’s honk, but softer and long enough you don’t know when it will stopped.

Nice Looking Kue Putu

Nice Looking Kue Putu

Kue Putu

Kue Putu Served With Grated Coconut

Jakarta Street Food : Fruit Rojak to Refresh Your Body

So, what have you chose? Gorengan? You eat too much and the result is a sore throat? Then try rojak. Maybe it will relief you. Rojak or “rujak” as we call it in Jakarta, is a street snack that contains sliced mixed fruit that grow in Indonesia. You can choose many kinds of food to eat at once. From sliced yam bean, mango, ambarella, pineapple, apple, until watermelon. Usually eat with “sambal” or grinded chilli and salt because Indonesians like spicy food. 

Rojak and Fruit Seller

Rujak Seller with the “Gerobak”

Jakarta Street Food : Martabak, Meal or Snack? 

Martabak is everyone favorite. Martabak divides in two categories, sweet and savory. Sweet martabak less favorable than savory martabak that made from duck egg, onion leaves, and cow meat. We are not sure it consider as a meal or snack. From Jakartans point of view, meal should goes along with white rice. Duck egg martabak with white rice, then it becomes our dinner. Martabak as a snack maybe when we eat it together with friends and family. We can not buy martabak in small portion, we need to buy the whole thing that usually too much for one person stomach. 

Question. Where to find all those street food in Jakarta? Actually, you can find it in every corner of Jakarta. But for the best street food choice, you can join our Jakarta Food Tour every night in Jakarta. Check your bucket-food-list within one night with us. See you around!