An unique musical instrument from West Java, the angklung is made up of two to four bamboo tubes suspended vertically on a bamboo frame. The lower part of the tubes us unattached, enabling them to produce sound were shaken. Each piece of angklung is made using bamboo of a particular diameter, corresponding to the different chords its intended to produce. Therefore, the smaller the angklung, the higher note it produces.

To play the angklung, the left hand lightly holds the upper left edge of the frame while the right hand shakes the lower right edge of the instrument. The angklung can be played in an ensemble of 15 players with 15 pieces of angklung or in combination with other musical instruments. Watch wonderful angklung group play on Bandung bamboo musical instruments workshop below:

However, you could also play it solo. Couple weeks ago, we saw street musician who play angklung in a very comfy way – sit on the low chair, cross the leg, and effortless play this instrument: 

The angklung’s present day diatonic chromatic scale, developed in 1938 by Daeng Sutigna of Kuningan, West Java, enables players to broaden their repertoire and go beyond traditional songs. The exotic sound of the angklung has attracted many contemporary Western musicians to incorporate the humble angklung into their ensembles.

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Do you want to experience angklung group orchestra just like people on the video? Read more about Bandung tour tips and trick here or drop us message here


Bandung Tour: Tips and Trick

bandung tour tips and trick 2

If you stay long enough in Jakarta, you know where to hangot when weekend comes. Yes, Bandung. Jakarta’s sister city where 3 hours driving (one way) seems worth a visit. So here I am writing about tips you might need when visiting Bandung.

My first tips about Bandung tour: you need to stay one night.

Why you need spend one night in Bandung?

Reason: One Day in Bandung is not enough. Three hours driving from Jakarta to Bandung, then another three hours from Bandung to Jakarta. You already lost half day on the road. With business/executive/economy class train you also need three hours (one single trip) since Bandung – Jakarta railway took farther route. Half day tour in Bandung is not enough since you will face traffic jam in popular hangout place or street in Bandung. Now you know why. 

Second tips for Bandung tour: Do slow walking around city center

In Bandung, there is a lot of public space, parks, bench all over sidewalks. If you explore Bandung by foot, you will feel the city vibe through people around you. Next question, where is the city center of Bandung? From time to time, city center will move from one place to another place. It should be around city government offices area but I strongly recommend you to take a walk around Braga street, Merdeka street, Asia Afrika street. These are the oldest streets that Bandung city ever built. You will found vintage building, coffee shops, street artist, oldest local markets, biggest mosque, green parks, and people do hangout around these streets. It is fun and free.
[singlepic id=153 w= h= float=center] Four hours walking tour around should be enough in city center. After take a short walk in the middle of the city, then you can move to another cool places such us Cihampelas Street, Riau Street or do a culinary trail in Bandung. Cihampelas if you want to see their local mall and pedestrian walk over your head. Yes, Bandung built pedestrian walk on the top in Cihampelas Street. Riau Street if you like shopping. Foods, snacks, and clothes. Riau street is a factory outlet street, IMHO.

[singlepic id=151 w= h= float=center]

Third tips about Bandung Tour: Go to Lembang

Nah, now you still have one full day in Bandung. It’s time to go neighborhood area with car. My third recommendation is all about Lembang. Lembang is still part of Bandung city, but you need 2 hours driving from city center to go Lembang. You will found Tangkuban Perahu (old crater), pine tree forest, tea plantation (Walini local tea, how to produce and see the plantation by your own eyes), and everything about nature. Nice weather, less pollution, less people if you come on weekday haha.
[singlepic id=154 w= h= float=center] After taste Lembang with its relaxing nature then you can go back to Jakarta. Back to work (oh, no!) in the same day. If you need assistance about Bandung tour with arrangement from Jakarta, I could help. Just simply drop message here: Let me know your Bandung tour wishes. Yeah, Jakarta Walking Tour is not only about Jakarta. We reach new city this year: Yogyakarta, Bandung, Bukittinggi, Padang, and cities around West Sumatra. We enjoy walking everywhere, like you! 😀

Revealing Nostalgic Vibe at Braga Street Bandung

Jakarta has its own charm. As the economic and political capital of Indonesia, Jakarta attracts many domestic immigrants who bring their various languages, dialects, foods, and customs. But, I will tell more about city tour Jakarta later. Now, for all of you travelers around the world who have extra time to see more around Jakarta, I want to show you about Jakarta’s neighboring city, which is Bandung. It is three hours driving from Jakarta and known as the city that has various kinds of flower, so it often called “Kota Kembang”, which means “City of Flowers”. As large as Jakarta, Bandung is quite a ‘huge’ place to stroll. Circling the entire city for one day is never been enough. When I stayed in Bandung, I took a chance to stroll around Braga Street Bandung that has its own uniqueness in the city.

How to reach Bandung?

Rent a car. It will costs you IDR 500-600k (including driver), fuel charge around IDR 200k, and tolls fee around IDR 200k. At least, you need to prepare around IDR 1000k just for transportation cost.

But, you also can try using Bandung Travel Bus Service like Day Trans, X-Trans, Baraya, and many more similar travel bus services which have routine schedules to reach Bandung from Jakarta and vice versa. It will costs you IDR 80k  – IDR 100k for one way per person. After you arrived at Bandung, you can ride a taxi to go Braga Street Bandung. I am sure it will save a lot of money, right? 😀


Foods around Braga Street Bandung

In Braga Street Bandung, there are many restaurants that opens until midnight. I chose to dine in Braga Permai, a restaurant which has a nostalgic vibe. Serves various kinds of European and Indonesian food. They also producing homemade ice cream in various flavors. The price range is about IDR  50k – IDR 100k.

Braga Permai at Night

Braga Permai at Night

Ravioli Beef

Ravioli Beef at Braga Permai Restaurant

I also visit Braga Citywalk, some kind of mini mall in the middle of Braga Street Bandung. The tenants are not as many as other mall in usual, most of them are serving foods or beverages, one of them are Tokyo Connection, which connected to Giggle Box (a Western Café) beside it. I ordered one cup of hot green tea latte, it looks nice, not surprisingly tastes good also.

Green Latte

Green Tea Latte at Giggle Box

Where to stay?

It was worth to spend a night in Braga Street Bandung. There are so many hotels which have affordable price and close with pedestrian and touristic area. For example, I chose to stay in Ibis Styles Bandung Braga that resides at the Braga City, a street that famous with historical buildings around it. There are something unique about this hotel’s interior. These are a few snapshots of the lobby interior :

A Chic and Simple Design Interior

A Chic and Simple Interior Design


1970s Vespa

I got a room in sixth floor, the room is quite cozy and when I look through the window, I can have a good look to buildings and streets below. I can see Savoy Homann Hotel, an architectural heritage and a fine example of art deco colonial architecture of the East Indies, across the street.

Room's Window

Room’s Window

Savoy Homann Hotel Across The Street

Savoy Homann Hotel Across The Street

It is said that Charlie Chaplin stayed  for a couple times in this hotel when he visited Bandung in 1900s. Guests that want to see the room are allowed to see the room he once stayed by asking permission to hotel staffs. If we look a little bit to the right, we can see the twin tower of The Great Mosque of Bandung (Masjid Agung Bandung).

That was a little review about food in Braga Street Bandung. There are still so many places and treats we can find around different parts of Bandung, so it is not enough to visit them in one whole trip. So, don’t think you will see everything in one day, maybe you will found something new in every chance you got when visiting Bandung. Cheers! 😀