Bandung Tour: Tips and Trick

bandung tour tips and trick 2

If you stay long enough in Jakarta, you know where to hangot when weekend comes. Yes, Bandung. Jakarta’s sister city where 3 hours driving (one way) seems worth a visit. So here I am writing about tips you might need when visiting Bandung.

My first tips about Bandung tour: you need to stay one night.

Why you need spend one night in Bandung?

Reason: One Day in Bandung is not enough. Three hours driving from Jakarta to Bandung, then another three hours from Bandung to Jakarta. You already lost half day on the road. With business/executive/economy class train you also need three hours (one single trip) since Bandung – Jakarta railway took farther route. Half day tour in Bandung is not enough since you will face traffic jam in popular hangout place or street in Bandung. Now you know why. 

Second tips for Bandung tour: Do slow walking around city center

In Bandung, there is a lot of public space, parks, bench all over sidewalks. If you explore Bandung by foot, you will feel the city vibe through people around you. Next question, where is the city center of Bandung? From time to time, city center will move from one place to another place. It should be around city government offices area but I strongly recommend you to take a walk around Braga street, Merdeka street, Asia Afrika street. These are the oldest streets that Bandung city ever built. You will found vintage building, coffee shops, street artist, oldest local markets, biggest mosque, green parks, and people do hangout around these streets. It is fun and free.
[singlepic id=153 w= h= float=center] Four hours walking tour around should be enough in city center. After take a short walk in the middle of the city, then you can move to another cool places such us Cihampelas Street, Riau Street or do a culinary trail in Bandung. Cihampelas if you want to see their local mall and pedestrian walk over your head. Yes, Bandung built pedestrian walk on the top in Cihampelas Street. Riau Street if you like shopping. Foods, snacks, and clothes. Riau street is a factory outlet street, IMHO.

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Third tips about Bandung Tour: Go to Lembang

Nah, now you still have one full day in Bandung. It’s time to go neighborhood area with car. My third recommendation is all about Lembang. Lembang is still part of Bandung city, but you need 2 hours driving from city center to go Lembang. You will found Tangkuban Perahu (old crater), pine tree forest, tea plantation (Walini local tea, how to produce and see the plantation by your own eyes), and everything about nature. Nice weather, less pollution, less people if you come on weekday haha.
[singlepic id=154 w= h= float=center] After taste Lembang with its relaxing nature then you can go back to Jakarta. Back to work (oh, no!) in the same day. If you need assistance about Bandung tour with arrangement from Jakarta, I could help. Just simply drop message here: Let me know your Bandung tour wishes. Yeah, Jakarta Walking Tour is not only about Jakarta. We reach new city this year: Yogyakarta, Bandung, Bukittinggi, Padang, and cities around West Sumatra. We enjoy walking everywhere, like you! πŸ˜€