Things to do in Malang : Visit Toko Oen Malang

When you heard the word “Malang”, spoken by an Indonesian, people will remember for its cool weather, its famous fruits, ‘Apel Malang’, types of apple that grow in Malang, Bakwan Malang and of course, Toko Oen Malang. Malang is two hours driving from Surabaya. Or if you are staying in Jakarta while in Indonesia, you can get there by train or plane. There are not much of differences on the tariffs as I described in previous post about Surabaya.

Nice weather at The High Land

Based on research from University of Southampton, the warm and nostalgic feeling have a strong connection (source here). People tend to have more nostalgic thoughts on colder days. Malang city, fortunately has a nice city temperature, around 19 – 30 celcius and located in high land area, 429-667 metre above sea level. That’s why Malang always make us – the travelers – feel more relax, chill and nostalgic at the same time.

Things to do in Malang : Warming up at Legendary Ice Cream Store, Toko Oen Malang

As I arrived in Malang, I go straight to an ice cream store I would love to visit every time I got the chance to visit Malang. The store name is “Toko Oen”. It doesn’t just serve ice cream, but also pastries and drinks. The building architecture is kept in its original form, preserving styles from the colonial era. It also has a welcome banner that written in Dutch.


An Old Piano and Pictures from Soekarno’s Era

I ordered a portion of ice cream (again!). It such a waste not to try those in this store. One portion contains one scoop of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream with one chocolate wafer and two wafer sticks. You can get it for IDR 35 k.


Oen’s Special


They also sells Javanese traditional snacks for takeaway

One scoop of cold ice cream in Toko Oen Malang will drops your body temperature in cold weather, which is a good thing because it makes your surroundings feel warmer. Not just your body, vintage decoration in Toko Oen Malang can even warm your heart.

While you in Malang, you can try visiting Toko Oen Malang that will make you chillax, help you to lose your memories of happier time, warm your heart and bound you with their delicious ice cream scoop. So, make sure you put ‘a short visit to Toko Oen Malang’ in your things to do in Malang list!

Do You Know?
The word “malang” also means “unfortunate” in Indonesian. So, don’t be surprised when you find some Indonesian don’t give the reaction you don’t expect when you speak the word. Be careful on using it 🙂