Things You Should Bring For City Tour Jakarta – Part 1

As you know, Indonesia is a tropical country, with a sizzling hot weather in dry season and heavy rains in wet season. But, the climate is changing slowly. So, just in case, you must bring certain things that you might need when you are traveling in Jakarta. So, what are those things you need to prepare? Here are 5 things you should bring for city tour Jakarta :

1. Mineral Water

You will need to drink a lot because the weather will make you thirsty and sweat a lot. Aside from preventing dehydration, drinking a lot of mineral water could also provide a healthier body. You can bring your own bottle of mineral water or buy it in a minimarket or street vendors. But before you drink it, you need to look carefully for the expired date.

bring water for city tour jakarta

You can ‘steal’ it from your hotel!

2. Sunscreen

Ultraviolet radiation can be harmful for everyone, especially if you suddenly came to a different type of country with a different intensity of UV light. To avoid sunburn, maybe you can apply sunscreen first before you go out in Jakarta, but you need to make sure you use the one that match with your skin type. You can get one in a drugstore or minimarket.

3. Sunglasses

Sometime the sunlight in Jakarta can be really strong and hurting your vision. So, to protect your eyes from ultraviolet light, you might need a sunglasses.

city tour jakarta

Sun Glasses is a MUST!

4. Umbrella

This item is a must if you are doing a tour in Jakarta. Even it is on a dry season, rain can suddenly fall without a warning! In addition, you can still use it if the sunlight is too intense and dazzling.

5. Face Mask

Jakarta has a huge population, so there are so many vehicles running along the streets. Cars, motorbikes, bus, etc make the city full of pollutions. So, if you are allergic to dirty air or prone to asthma, you should wear a face mask when you are going to walk around in open air in Jakarta a lot.

things you should bring in jakarta

Face Mask

Maybe you can avoid the fuss of bringing these item if you look at the weather forecast before you go out. Or you are already know when is the best time to visit Jakarta after doing little research about Jakarta Weather?

Well, it is up to you, but weather forecast or prediction cannot be right all the time. We are just humans after all. Better be prepared than be sorry, right? 😉