City Tour Jakarta Reviews : Aussie Guest

“Could you help me do shopping in some malls in Jakarta?”

It was an ‘odd’ request from someone in Australia, Micole, asking me to ‘open’ a new tour : Jakarta Shopping Tour. At first, I don’t understand why people need my help to shop in the easiest and the most convenience place in the world? After hearing his explanation, then I know why shopping in Jakarta is not easy for him and accept his request to stroll around malls and department stores in Jakarta.

jakarta shopping tour

So, why? Because Micole knows something that it is ‘make sense’. Once I made shopping tour schedule and plan, I just realized that shopping in Jakarta is quite difficult if you don’t know where to go, how to go, and how much time that you need to go from one mall to another. It is quite frustrating if we just have one day and need to go from mall-to-mall in Jakarta.

But, we made it, yeayy!

We started shopping tour from one of the luxurious mall in Jakarta, Plaza Indonesia, then continue to visit Sarinah Plaza, the very first mall in Jakarta. Since it was a shopping tour, and yes we did shopping there. We found a lot choice of goods in different department stores in Jakarta. And, I personally started to make price comparison here and there, lol.

From Central Jakarta, we continue to the north part of Jakarta. Mall of Indonesia! One of the biggest malls in Jakarta, surrounded by apartments and offices, this mall become something you would not want to miss when visiting North Jakarta.

I found that Mall of Indonesia offers us a different vibe of shopping experience. The goods and foods are different with something that sold in central or southern mall in Jakarta. As a ‘shopping expert’, Micole told me, it was because the market is different, that’s why the mall sells different things too. This is for to fulfill market demands and consumers preferences surrounds it.

jakarta tour review

Me and my friend who helped me run this shopping tour, Yupa, cannot help our self to join Micole to do shopping in mall. I even don’t think it was a tour, because we did shopping and we like it, like every women does! Hahaa..

After one full day of shopping around Jakarta, then we finished our journey at Dapur Sunda restaurant. The foods are so authentic, serve a lot of local cuisine from Indonesia. I love it because the taste is very close with something that comes from my mom’s kitchen. And, Micole loves it too, he said : “Even the peanut sauce, they really made it.”

So, who else want to join us in Jakarta Shopping Tour? :p