Jakarta Weather

Do you want to travel to Jakarta? If you say yes, then the next question is…when is the best time to visit Jakarta? If you looking for sunlight, do not worry, sun will shine almost everyday in Jakarta, then you can book your flight and do a city tour Jakarta any day you like. But, before we go any we further, let me explain a little bit about Jakarta weather.

Seasons in Jakarta

As any other cities in Indonesia, Jakarta only has two seasons, dry and rainy season.

Both of it usually lasts equally for half a year, but the starting point and the end point of the seasons usually changes through time, depending on what year, but it usually the rainy season starts at October or November and ends in March or April, followed by dry season. For further information about Jakarta weather, you can check it BMKG (information center about Indonesia’s climate).

Heat In Jakarta Dry Season

The Jakarta weather in dry season is usually very, very hot.

If you like to travel with light clothes, enjoy the sunlight, and don’t mind the heat, then it is your best time to visit Jakarta. Because usually dry season lasts around April-October, you can pick any month in-between that period. Maybe, June or July, just to be safe. But beware of the heat, it could reach up to 33-34 Celsius. If you don’t get use to it yet, maybe you need to bring your umbrella, wearing a hat or cap, and sunglasses along your city tour Jakarta.

Floods in Rainy Season

Even though the temperature is cooler in rainy season, but if its raining heavily in the night.

The next day you will find some area in Jakarta is hit with severe flooding. So, if you still want to travel in Jakarta, you can avoid those areas. You can find the update about those areas in news in TV, newspaper, or online media. But be prepared, just in case, you might need umbrella, jacket, raincoat and boots for your city tour Jakarta plan.

Flood in Jakarta

Some Kids Swimming in The Flood. Source : Republika

Surrounded by floods doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while you travel in Jakarta. You actually can use the opportunity to swim inside it, fishing on it, or rent rubber boat to anyone who pass by. I’m serious, you can have a fun experience during rainy season. However, my friend Marcel has second thought about when is the best time to visit Jakarta. He said, it should be around June to September. Why? Find out more here