A Sip of Refreshing Drinks in Jakarta Amidst the Heat

Refreshing Drinks in Jakarta are all you need to ward off the hot weather in Jakarta. Indonesia is a tropical country, which only has two seasons throughout the year, dry season and wet season. Especially in Jakarta, the weather is particularly hot during the dry season. To sooth their throat amidst the hot days, Indonesian came up with varied creations of iced drinks, therefore, iced beverages are easily found almost everywhere in Indonesia.

The most popular iced drinks are iced tea and iced coffee, as Indonesia is one of the largest producers of tea leaves and coffee beans. Most restaurants, food courts, or warteg includes iced tea and coffee on their menus. Aside from those two options, as a tropical country, there are also many kinds of iced drinks made from tropical fruits, es teler, es cendol durian, soda susu, and es kelapa are a few examples of Drinks in Jakarta.

Es teler is some kind of Indonesian fruit cocktail, it is usually consisting of avocado, coconut milk, grass jelly, jackfruit, and other fruits, added with ice. While for es kelapa, only consists of coconut meat, coconut water and ice, sometimes with sugar. Another variant of fruit drink is es cendol durian, durian fruit combined with a kind of snack made with rice flour, shaped with a sieve, mixed with sugar and coconut milk. There is also soda susu or soda gembira. Some kind of drink made from milk, red soda, and ice. Most of them have a sweet and refreshing flavor.

Not only iced drinks, hot and warm drinks are also popular as an option for Drinks in Jakarta. Hot tea and coffee are no question. In addition, there is a drink named wedang ronde. It is a product of assimilated culture from China. Wedang ronde came from Chinese traditional dessert, called tangyuan. Made from ball shaped glutinous rice, served in ginger broth. Wedang is the name for hot drinks in Java, while ronde refers to the round shape of glutinous rice balls, hence the name, wedang ronde. It is perfect to drink on rainy days or cold nights in wet seasons when it is always raining.

By only imagining Drinks in Jakarta, you can already feel the sweet and refreshing taste in your mind. Join a mouth-watering experience on our Jakarta Food Tour. Walk a little, and stop for a while for a refreshing Drinks in Jakarta to recharge your energy. Once you are ready, let’s continue our journey!