Lontong Sayur, Another Rice Dishes for Breakfast in Jakarta

Rice again for breakfast in Jakarta, only in different color and shape, lontong sayur. Different from the usual rice, lontong is tube shaped and in green color. The color came from the banana leaf that is used as the wrapper. Lontong is cooked rice that is wrapped in banana leaf and then steamed. However, there is another type of lontong, called ketupat, that is diamond shaped and wrapped in palm leaf pouch.

There are various kinds of dishes that use lontong, such as chicken satay, gado-gado, opor, and lontong sayur. Lontong sayur is the popular choice for breakfast in Jakarta. It is usually sold along with other breakfast options such as nasi kuning and nasi uduk as we mention in another article.

Lontong sayur itself has a few different versions, depending on the area such as lontong sayur Minang, lontong sayur Padang, and lontong sayur Betawi. But in general, the broth is pretty much the same, with some alternatives for the ingredients. Lontong sayur has a thick broth, since it is usually used coconut milk, and it is usually in orange color that came from turmeric.

Vegetables that are used for the ingredients neutralize the thickness of the broth, suitable for people who crave something healthy but a little bit spicy for their breakfast option. Long beans, julienned chayote and young papaya is most common ingredients. Besides vegetables, there is also boiled egg for protein.

Lontong sayur is a fulfilling breakfast in Jakarta to face a busy day ahead. Are you curious about this delicious breakfast? Then come to Jakarta, spend a night, and you can search lontong sayur for your breakfast in Jakarta.

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