Another Carb for Your Breakfast in Jakarta, Mi Ayam

Mi is noodle and chicken is ayam in Indonesian, hence the name of this option of breakfast in Jakarta, mi ayam. It is one of the most popular breakfast options that is sold widely across Jakarta. It can be found almost anytime and anywhere.

The noodle for mi ayam is made from wheat flour that is boiled in water. And when it is cooked, it will be mixed with cooking oil, soy sauce, and garlic in a bowl. The oil is to prevent the noodle from clumping together. Added with chicken meat and caisim, the mi ayam is ready to be served.

Some restaurants and vendors usually came with a few variations of the toppings. For example, plain mi ayam, the topping is only diced chicken meat that is cooked in sweet soy sauce and other condiments. There are also dumplings, meatballs, and mushrooms for additional toppings, you can choose any based on your preferences.

Mi ayam can almost be found everywhere, from street vendors, mobile peddlers, cafes, and restaurants. As it is a fulfilling but relatively affordable price, mi ayam became one of the most popular options for breakfast in Jakarta. But you can also choose it as lunch or dinner if you like.

Mi ayam has a savory taste from the noodle and broth, and a slightly sweet taste from the chicken toppings. You can add other condiments as the seller usually provides, sambal, ketchup, or sweet soy sauce in bottles and you can a certain amount of those if you like to your mi ayam that suits your palate better.

It is relatively easy to find mi ayam seller near office buildings, as it is a popular choice of breakfast in Jakarta for office workers. If you are staying for a business trip or vacation in Jakarta, you might easily find it near your hotel or while walking around on the side of the street.

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