Explore A Tasty Culinary Experience for Food in Jakarta

If you are travelling to Jakarta, don’t ever skip to try various Food in Jakarta. Jakarta is known as a “melting pot”, which many people from various ethnicities with different cultures meet, resulting in a rich and abundant culinary option that you can choose.

Start from the west part of Indonesia, there are many Sumatrans residing in Jakarta, therefore you can easily find Padangnese restaurants, at almost every corner in Jakarta. Rumah Makan Padang or Padang Restaurant offers many menus and a unique experience where they will present you with many options on the table and you can just pay for what you eat there. Meanwhile, sate Padang are usually sold by street vendors at night.

Moving a bit to the east, Java as the most populated island and Javanese as the most widely spread ethnicity in Indonesia, Javanese food can be found almost everywhere in Indonesia. Soto, sate, bakso (meatball), pecel, fried rice, and fried noodle are only just a few examples. Food from other islands such as Borneo, Sulawesi, and many more also exist as an option for Food in Jakarta, nonetheless, not as popular. Aside from traditional Indonesian food, you don’t have to worry if you find those are not suitable to your taste. Western cuisines, Chinese food and fast-food chain are readily available if you prefer to choose a familiar taste. Availability for Food in Jakarta also comes with many options, from fine dining locations to fast and cheap street food often served by pedagang kaki lima (carts or modified bicycles), or in roadside warungs (modest local restaurants).

While many kinds of Food in Jakarta are originated from cities outside Jakarta, the city itself also have interesting delicacies that it can offer. Betawi as a native in Jakarta, also have some popular specialty dishes. They are gado-gado, soto Betawi, kerak telor, and nasi goreng Jakarta. All of them are made with different kinds of ingredient, with different flavors, and by different techniques. From sweet, sour, salty, and spicy, you name it. Seasoned by variety of unique spices that can only be found in Indonesia, a taste that of the country that you can always remember.

A mouthwatering experience that you can imagine. So, are you ready to join us exploring nook and cranny of Jakarta to find the best culinary experience? Say less, don’t hesitate anymore! Book a Jakarta Food Tour with us, and Happy Walker Agents will be ready to guide you.