Enjoy Ketoprak, A “Sound” of Healthy Breakfast in Jakarta

Have you ever heard of a dish that is named by the sound of the ingredients being processed? Ketoprak is one of them. A bit different from other breakfast in Jakarta that we are featuring before, the origin of “ketoprak” is a unique one. It came by the sound of the ingredients that are mostly crushed or mashed. From another source, it came from the sound of the plate when it dropped and broke after hitting the floor.

However, don’t get mixed up with another “ketoprak” in Central Java. Instead of food, it is the name of a performing art. It is a show based on Javanese cultures and legends. Performed by a group of people with traditional costumes. So, it has no correlation whatsoever with the ketoprak as a breakfast in Jakarta.

Now, back to ketoprak dish, if you ever heard of gado-gado, then you might be familiar with this one. It is different yet similar to gado-gado. The similarity came from the brown colored peanut sauce, that is made from grounded peanuts with other spices. The difference is in the ingredients.

While gado-gado is rich with green vegetables, ketoprak consists of relatively simple ingredients such as fried tofu, vermicelli, beansprouts, and rice cake. It served with peanut sauce and sweet soy sauce toppings. Although it is relatively simple, it is a fulfilling breakfast in Jakarta.

With sweet and a little savory flavor, ketoprak would be a perfect choice of breakfast in Jakarta to start your busy days. It is also relatively easy to find, as ketoprak vendors can be seen walking with their cart around housing complex or setting their cart by the side of the road near office buildings or even around schools. The affordable price is another reason that the dish is popular among locals.

Ready to hunt and ketoprak firsthand as your breakfast in Jakarta? Then visit our city and join our Jakarta Walking Tour to know more about our city, culture, and delicacies with us. See you around!