A Plentiful Mix of Breakfast in Jakarta, Nasi Rames

As rice dish is common to consume as breakfast in Jakarta, let us introduce you to a rice dish with wide variation of rice dishes, which is nasi rames. Nasi rames is basically a portion of rice that is served with a variety of side dishes or mixed rice.

The most common place to find nasi rames is warteg, the abbreviation of “Warung Tegal”. Tegal is a place in Java area, and “warung” is a small stall that sells meals that is usually located by the side of the streets and at an affordable price. Nowadays, wartegs can be found easily in big cities, mainly near workplaces as it is a popular option for breakfast in Jakarta among workers.

Warteg interior design is usually quite similar across the city, with side dishes displayed in glass cases, facing the window so it can be seen from outside. Then, with a portion of rice, the customer who wants to eat can choose any side dishes they like.

Depending on the warteg owner, they usually serve a wide variety of Indonesian dishes. From meat as beef, chicken, shrimp, squids, and vegetables such as vegetables soup or stir-fried vegetables. With a hearty portion full of nutrition and an affordable price, nasi rames became a popular choice of breakfast in Jakarta.

Another kind of nasi rames is nasi campur. It is basically the same, only with a different name. While people in Java use “rames” to describe rice with a mixed of few dishes, in other areas, it is called “campur”. So, you might find nasi campur instead of nasi rames in some areas. But sometimes, it consists of non-halal ingredients such as pig meat.

The popular kind of side dishes are egg, tempeh, tofu, and vegetables. They are cooked with Indonesian spices and condiments. Because the wide variety of side dishes, you can have a grasp of Indonesian culinary in general. So, choosing nasi rames as your breakfast in Jakarta might be a good start.

When you visit Jakarta, don’t miss your chance to go to the warteg or restaurant nearby to try nasi rames as your breakfast in Jakarta. And later on, join our Jakarta Walking Tour to discover more about the history, culture, and delicacies of the city. See you around!