Things You Should Bring to City Tour Jakarta – Part 2

If you peek inside your bag and you can find sunglasses, mineral water, umbrella, face mask, and sunscreen, then you are almost ready to go to do a City Tour Jakarta.  Maybe some of you will response “Almost?? It is still not everything?”. Yes, that’s right. Although all of those stuff is nearly everything that you’ll need, but it is still not enough.  Don’t worry, you only lack some additional items to smoothen your tour in Jakarta and make it more pleasant to stroll in Jakarta.

These are simple items you might need.

1. Tissue paper

Indonesians use water a lot to clean themselves, so sometimes the public toilets don’t provide tissue because they think there are no need to provide it since the water is running. Toilets in modern malls usually provide tissue, but sometimes they ran out of it. So to be safe, you can bring your own tissue paper.  You can also it for another use later.

2. Small change

If you are planning to shop in a more traditional form of market, trade center or “pasar” for example, you have to bring small change because they don’t usually provide EDC machine to swipe your card and they might don’t have change for the amount you pay. It will also quite useful if you want to ride public transportations such as “angkot”, “metromini” or “ojek”.

3. Hand sanitizer

If you like to try various kinds of food in Jakarta, especially street food and you want to eat it right away, you can use hand sanitizer first before you eat because it can quite difficult to find a place where you can wash your hands.

city tour jakarta

4. Hat or cap

This item actually an optional one if you already brought your umbrella. But somehow there are males who don’t like to be seen using an umbrella because they thought it is not manly enough, at least in Indonesia. So, if you are a guy, maybe it will feel more comfortable to you to wear a cap.

5. Your feet

All set! Now you only need a happy feet and open heart to begin strolling around Jakarta. Put on some comfortable shoes and leave it to the guide to lead your way! 😀