First Time in Jakarta

First time in Jakarta? Relax, you are with other million person in the Soekarno Hatta Airport. Either you have business meeting or short vacation in Jakarta we have some tips for you as the first- time visitor in Jakarta.

First time in Jakarta: Oh my gosh, it’s humid!

first time in jakarta with sunglasses

Sunglasses ON.

Bring lotion with SPF, sunglasses, and/or hydrating mist. We have summer every day in Jakarta. Not only hot but also humid. When you are landing Soekarno Hatta airport, you might feel relieve with the warm weather after long hours sit on the airplane. But after hours you will sweating and feel sorry for your own make up (if you are a woman!). So, I suggest you not only to bring sunblock and sunglasses but also to prepare hydrating mist. It helps your skin with the changing weather.

First time in Jakarta: Taxi or Bus?

There is an airport bus in Soekarno Hatta Airport. It called Damri Bus. Ask security about this bus service. It is cheap (around USD 4 each trip/person) but you should wait longer than taxi service. After long trip, I don’t think Damri Bus is a good idea. Why? One: you need to follow Damri’s schedule. It could be one hour or longer depends on the Jakarta traffic. Two: Damri can not drop you in front of your hotel. Damri Bus will drop you in shelter somewhere in the city, can not take special request.

first time in jakarta with taxi service

Blue Bird Taxi in Jakarta

If you are first-time visitor in Jakarta, then which taxi service you should have to avoid scam? My answer always two taxi service: Blue Bird or Express (white) taxi. Express with experienced driver and cheaper fare as a bright side. The darker side: when you are new in town you will be mistaken with different white taxi service. Same white different brand. I’ve been pay for 2 USD for two minutes driving with scam-white taxi. Hahaa.. *crazy*

So, blue bird is the answer. Yes there is also blue colour taxi, but blue bird have brightest color among blue colour taxi service. Newest car with fair-fare, argometer is ON.  Please also save your hotel address in your phone. Just in case.

First time in Jakarta: Where to stay?

My suggestion is staying in hotel near with your travel/business destination. Since Jakarta’s traffic quite unpredictable, I think less commute is better. What if I couldn’t find cheaper hotel in Jakarta?

Hmm..good question. Yes, you can stay in less favorable hotel but after all you will need taxi/bus service to reach your destination in Jakarta. More time, more money. So, I should leave it to your own choice. Just email for hotel suggestion in Jakarta. No, I don’t take any commission from the hotel. Just ask me then I’ll give you some overview about hotel surrounding area.

First time in Jakarta: Where to hangout?

Where to hangout in Jakarta? Ask receptionist nicely. He or she is local person. Ask locals.
Actually, it all depends on your interest and preferences. However, as first time Jakarta’s visitor you might want to know Jakarta in a summary. An overview before you go further.

first time in jakarta on car free day

Car Free Day in Jakarta

Go National Museum for museum lovers, visit Sunday’s Car Free Day to see people, explore Central Jakarta for modern part of the city, and stroll around Old Town if you like Jakarta’s history. That’s IMHO. If you need further assistance about Jakarta as a first-time visitor, send us your question through I will love to read your message there. Welcome to Jakarta!