Nasi Bakar, Unlike Any Other Breakfast in Jakarta

We have seen rice dishes as breakfast in Jakarta served on plates, bowls, and banana leaves. Aside from that, there is one rice dish that other than served in a wrap of banana leaves, it is grilled. It is called nasi bakar or literally means grilled rice.

Unlike any other rice dishes in Indonesian that is served separately with the side dishes, in grilled rice, the side dishes are filled inside the rice. The outside appearance is quite intriguing. With a wrap of tubelike green banana leaves, you wouldn’t know what is inside without descriptions placed on it.

It is usually kept intact with toothpicks on both sides. When it is served on a plate, you can just tear the center part of the wrapper to reveal the rice. Once you open the wrapper, you can smell the fragrant banana leaves and it will increase your appetite.

There are many options for the filling. It can be salted squid, beef rendang, chicken, or stir-fried vegetables. The combination of fresh ingredients, rich spices, and condiments, makes nasi bakar as a choice of flavorful breakfast in Jakarta.

Although it is a good option to be a variation of breakfast in Jakarta, it is not as common as other dishes that can be found anywhere. It is usually sold in the morning by breakfast stalls or vendors, or you can find it in traditional markets. However, you can find it in some certain restaurants in the city.

Eating one portion of fragrant nasi bakar not only can boost your appetite and mood, but it can also provide a boost of energy to start your busy day. So, don’t hesitate to try one for your breakfast in Jakarta.

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