A Cannon with Unusual Shape and Stories, Meriam Si Jagur

Jakarta Old Town is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Jakarta. There are many things that you can see and explore there. Beside museums, there are also monuments and historical heritage, one of them is Meriam Si Jagur.

It is a big cannon that is placed across the Fatahillah Museum or Jakarta History Museum in the Old Batavia complex. The rear side of the cannon has the shape of a palm, with thumb tucked out between the index and middle finger. For some people, the shape seems a bit vulgar, but for some others, it is said that it is a symbol of luck.

In the past, it was believed that sitting on the cannon will grant fertility, so, many people who want children will sit on the cannon. This phenomenon makes the government decide to build a fence around the cannon to prevent people sitting on it.

Another unique thing about this cannon is the name, Si Jagur, it is from where it is located back then, in St. Jago de Barra, a Portuguese Fort in Macau, where the cannon was created. The cannon was made by Manoel Tovarres Bocarro and placed in Macau, before finally moved to Old Batavia by Dutch colonial empire in 16th Century. 

There is also a legend that the cannon is incarnation of a governor that was ordered to find a powerful weapon by Pajajaran King. From other source, a book by Ludovic Marquis de Beauvoir, titled Voyage Autour do Monde, the cannon was brought to the position by a great tidal wave.

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