Monas Jakarta (National Monument Jakarta)

National Monument Jakarta or Monas Jakarta, do you now what it is? Have you been there once? If yes, maybe you think you have seen it all, but wait a second. Have you been to it’s park in different times? You will get distinctive experiences. I’ll explain a little bit so you could choose what you want to experience at certain times you prefer to go Monas Jakarta.

1. Visiting Monas Jakarta At Weekdays (Monday to Friday)

Quiet, fresh and clean.

Those are the three words that describe Monas Jakarta at weekdays, especially in the morning. For you who want to exercise, breath fresh air, see green landscape, and clear your mind, come to Monas Jakarta Park in the morning. Certainly you will not have any difficulty to find a quiet place just to daydream, since the area is occupying 88 acres of land.

Monas At Weekdays

Monas Jakarta At Weekdays

2. Monas Jakarta When ‘Car Free Days’ is held

Crowded, happy and adore.

What to adore? If you come to Monas Jakarta Park when there is ‘Car Free Day’ in Sunday, you will see many adorable children running around you.

The atmosphere would be exciting and appear a bit chaotic, the bonus is Monas Jakarta Park would filled by young generation that are dating, searching for a partner initiate their flirting, and enjoy eating chicken porridge while standing. Special for singles, just go to the part of the park near IRTI parking area, there are deers from Bogor where you can pour your love on. *LOL*

Deer At Monas Park

One Of The Deer In Monas Park

3. Monas Jakarta At Night

This is it! There is no right word to describe the atmosphere and crowds at Monas Jakarta at night.

When the night falls, Monas Tower would ‘lit’, colorful lights and white spotlight that shine the gold at the top make this National Monument Jakarta looked fantastic.

Not to mention, usually you will see a lot of street vendors and seller. The Monas Park would be busy like a night market. Starting from clothing vendor, accessories, souvenirs, food, drink, to herbal medicines have opened their stalls in Monas Jakarta Park. Actually street vendors are not allowed to do business inside the Monas Jakarta Park, but really says otherwise. We only could just ‘know’ and ‘enjoy’.

Monas At Night

The View At Monas Before The Night Falls

So, did you find the right time to visit Monas Jakarta (Park) in your city tour jakarta plan? To answer this question, its all has to start with another question, which is, “What is your purpose?”.  Keep the answer in your mind. 🙂