Choose Your Favourite Mall in Jakarta

Have you visited the big mall in Jakarta that I reviewed last time? Well, you haven’t seen all. This time I will tell you more about mall in Jakarta, especially where you can buy stuff with more affordable price and more alternative of food choice. Here are some favourite mall in Jakarta.

1. The Plaza Semanggi, Experience Dining In The Sky.

The Plaza Semanggi is located in central part of Jakarta, specifically at Jalan Sudirman, some kind of business areas with many office buildings around it. Like other mall in Jakarta, this mall also offer a lot of choice from fashion, food, electronic products, furniture and etc. But what special is you can experience how it feel to dine in the top of the building where you can see a bird eye view of Sudirman area. There are restaurants in sky dining area, and to get there you need to ride a specific elevator that leads there.

There are also ‘Balai Sarbini’ here, a concert hall that often use an Indonesian Idol’s stage that broadcasted in one of the private TV Station in Jakarta. You can reach this mall by ‘metromini’ 640 or Transjakarta Bus.

The Plaza Semanggi opening hour : 10.00 am – 10.00 pm.

Sky Dining in The Plaza Semanggi

Sky Dining in The Plaza Semanggi. Source : The Jakarta Post

2. Thamrin City Shopping Mall, Batik At An Affordable Price.

Thamrin City Shopping Mall also located in Central Jakarta. What is different about this mall is known as ‘sentra batik’ means batik trade centre in Jakarta. You can buy batik products for affordable price in Thamrin City. In addition, you can buy another products like clothes, accessories or anything at cheaper price in a large amount because most of the seller offering a wholesale products. You also can haggle the price, but for insurance, you need to bring a native who understand the language and the culture better to accompany you if you are indeed shopping for business.

Thamrin City opening hour : 9.00 am – 9.00 pm.

Thamrin City Mall. Source : Tempo

Thamrin City Mall. Source : Tempo

3. International Trade Center (ITC)

Beside malls, there are also places called ITC in Jakarta. Places with names started with ‘ITC’ are spread around Jakarta, depends on it’s location, one could called ITC Pulogadung because it’s located at Pulogadung, ITC Kuningan for its position in Kuningan, and so on. In ITC, you can almost find any kinds of things. Starting from grocery, fashion, mainly electronics. There are a lot of people go to ITC to buy cellphones, computer or tablets. There are a lot of wholesale products and you can also haggle the price here.

ITC opening hour : varies between 08-11.00 am to 09-11.00 pm.

ITC Roxy Mas

ITC Roxy Mas. Source : Viva News

It is true that every mall in Jakarta has different ‘taste’ and selling point, depends on which part of Jakarta the mall is located. And, while you do a city tour Jakarta, which one you prefer? A classy mall with branded stores, or a ‘humble’ mall with cheaper product. Hmm…hard choice I guess..