Let’s Meet the Last Dinosaur (Komodo) in Jakarta

More than 170 malls open in Jakarta, Indonesia. Is it a sign that Jakartans really are shopaholics? Hmm..we don’t think so, because our city is not only about malls. We have a lot of museums, some public parks, and the only zoo. Then, let’s talk about the special zoo that we have in Jakarta. The zoo that has Komodos in the corner of South Jakarta, called Ragunan Zoo.


Source : ragunanzoo.jakarta.go.id

As a pioneer in Indonesia, Ragunan Zoo has more than 250 animal species, 3000 animal populations, and more than 30.000 trees that we can see, such as Komodo, Sumatran Tiger, Gorilla, Parrots, Orang Utan, White Eagle, Sambar Deer, Anoa, Lizard, and many more. The animals live in a small area that surrounded by iron fence, just for the sake of safety. We can visit them from spot to spot on this 140 hectare park. It is nice to walk around here because the old trees give you fresh air to breathe in. You can also rent a bike or ride a tourism-train which often called “odong-odong” in here, if you want to go faster, further.

When does Ragunan Zoo open?

Ragunan operates from Tuesday to Sunday (7am – 4pm), they open earlier at 6am – 4pm on Sunday. You can enter the zoo only for IDR 4k /person for adult and IDR 3k/person for children. Wow! Can you imagine? We can enjoy the zoo less than $1! And also Ragunan is very special for us.

What is so special about Ragunan Zoo?

As a local, Ragunan Zoo is a place to hang out with friends and family and became a part of our childhood memory. We saw elephant by our own eyes for the first time at Ragunan Zoo, we know that giraffe like carrots too, and understand that not only cats and dogs can be refferred as animals.

And for you as a traveler, like we’ve mentioned before, there is a spot for Komodo. It is a place to breathe fresh air, relax while you can see many trees and animals from tropical forest. You can also claim to the world that you already see ‘the last dinosaur’ in Jakarta. :p

See Komodo in Ragunan Zoo Jakarta -16

How to reach Ragunan Zoo?

You just need to prepare a small amount of money and take a Transjakarta bus ride (you can read about how to use Transjakarta here). Ragunan shelter is the last shelter on the 8th corridor of Transjakarta busway. If you plan to go there from Central Jakarta shelter, you need to get off in Bendungan Hilir shelter and transit to ride another two buses without any extra charge.

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Or, as a second option, just go grab a taxi in your hotel lobby. :p

So, wanna play with komodo and see a lot of animal with your own eyes? Don’t miss Ragunan Zoo when you visit Jakarta. Lets find out how to visit Ragunan Zoo Jakarta with our customize tour here. See you around!

Credit photo header by www.ragunanzoo.jakarta.go.id