A ‘dadakan’ tour with Sarawak friends

“Dadakan” is we are. One of the Indonesian – English slang that reminds me of two friends, Caroline and Carmen from Sarawak, Malaysia. “Dadakan” means something that comes up so suddenly in an unexpected situation. Because they were contacting me one day before the tour, and we promised to meet on McDonalds in the next morning, without me, as a guide, knowing their faces or what they really look like. So, yeah it was an unexpected tour that brings a lot of surprise in a day.

I wasn’t planning to go to Sunda Kelapa Harbour, but when Carmen asked “Can we go there?”, my answer was “why not, yes we can go to the harbor!” We take a bajaj (a vehicle with three wheels) ride and climbed to the highest point of Syahbandar Tower. Up there, we saw how the Batavia (Old Jakarta –red) looks like, and learnt the reason why the tower had an important role in the past time. We also went to Maritime Museum and take a shot inside the beautiful architecture.

The funny thing is when we were going upstairs, one security personnel followed us and said, “Do you want to have a photo-shoot up here?” Oh my… he thinks that I – who bring a camera along the way – am a photographer, and Caroline and Carmen will became my photo models. I think they are just too gorgeous, so people around us feel ridiculous, why such beautiful ladies come to the northern part of Jakarta, hahaa..

Another ‘ridiculous’ moment was when I took them to Chinese market. It seems like, they just followed me eating along the way. I did like Chinese food, so did them, but the thing was I eat more, like I will never go there anymore, lol.

After all, thank you for coming to Jakarta, I would like to meet and eat Chinese noodle with you all next time. See you around!