Another hello from Belgium

For many times, I felt like I was not the guide, but my guest became my guide instead. So did when Luca, a friend from Belgium (but he is also Italian who speaks French) who strolled around Jakarta on that sunny Sunday with me.

He did explained history and correlation between Indonesia and Europe in the past time. I learnt a lot about how people live in Europe as an union. Most of the country in Europe had one currency (Euro). People can be born in one country, but can live and work in another country with less difficulty. As an Indonesian who needs a visa or permit to go to a far-far-away country, I think it is a good system. People can live anywhere without any limit. That’s a good spirit, isn’t it?

Okay, back to our walking tour, we meet some school boys who were practicing English. They were asking and trying to communicate with Luca, and I should thanks to Luca with the patience he had back then. It was two groups of them and took a while for him to interact with them. And, don’t forget about the sun, that shines bright (“like a diamond”) we had back then!

Jakarta Tourist AttractionsThe tour wrapped with a new route (for me it was a new one!), a back way to go to the hotel around City Walk Jakarta. Thank you for showing me the back way, Luca! With the trees, gentle wind, and beautiful mosque we passed, it was a good afternoon to say good bye and it might be another hello in the future.

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