City Tour Jakarta Reviews : London Guest

Welcome to Jakarta Mr. and Mrs. Lynch! It was an honor to host Becky and her husband, Jonathan, on their honeymoon in Jakarta. Yup, they were a newly married couple from London, and spent two weeks to catch a glimpse from city to city in Indonesia. Jakarta is the city that became their first stop, they booked 5 hours of City Tour Jakarta, and I became their first local friend in Indonesia. Hehee..

Jakarta Walking Tour

We are all shy at the beginning :p

The most memorable experience with them was eating Chinese food on Gang Gloria, small alley in Jakarta Chinatown local market. We sat side by side – eating, drinking, chatting – while people passing by our backs. Tasty food, hot weather, and coconut ice drink, unforgettable moment. :’)

Jakarta Walking Tour

Enjoying Coconut Drinks at Chinatown

Then I tailored them to stroll in street artist alley, show them our famous gem stones. Becki bought one ring with green stone on the top of it, it was her first souvenir in Jakarta, ‘batu akik’ a.k.a. gem stone! 😀

After that, we continued our city tour Jakarta and I took them to Chinese local market. It was almost Chinese New Year, so the market was full of people who need to buy things for New Year. Red clothes, red envelope, fruits, candies, red-hanging lamps, red decoration, etc. Back then, we could see red colour things sold everywhere, the market surrounded by one main colour, RED!

Jakarta Walking Tour

In Front Of De Maria Church Jakarta

I must say, it was the tour of light. Unexpected thing came when I ran City Tour Jakarta with them. What does it means? It means we saw different kind of light on that day. Lights from hanged Chinese lamps on 50 metres street, lights of the gem stones, and in the end of our tour, we saw the lights of Monas Jakarta.

Back then, we arrived around 6 pm in Monas Jakarta Park, the tower started to shine with colorful lights. It was red, blue, green, yellow, and purple flashed the Monas Jakarta Tower, the colour switched in a moment. Yes, it was a beautiful thing to see.

Jakarta Walking Tour

At Monas Park Jakarta

It was also nice to know a lovely couple from ‘Harry Potter land’, I saw their strong connection by myself. Becky was outgoing person, cared by Jonathan who was very quite and thoughtful in every decision he made.  I hope their may have a lot more happy life in coming days, and had wonderful things to remember on our City Tour Jakarta. 😀

Jakarta Walking Tour

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