City Tour Jakarta Reviews : Holland Guest

I always feel excited when meeting people who attend the same university with me. That was happen when Anne and Laura said, “We came to Jakarta to study in University of Indonesia”. At that moment, I was thinking, “Oh well my friends, let us start our Jakarta crafting day and share stories about University of Indonesia!” 😀

Anne and Laura both came from Holland. Their main reason to choose studying in Indonesia is that they can have better access to travel across this beautiful country, starting from Sumatera (meeting an orangutan), Yogyakarta (enjoying sunrise at the top of Borobudur temple), Bali, Lombok, and so on…

How about Jakarta? In Jakarta, I cannot give them beautiful forests or beaches to see, so we played together by painting local crafts.

It was something that they did differently with usual weekend. In Jakarta, malls and department stores surround us. Those are easy places to choose when we want to hang out with friends. But with me, I let them to experience something different, let’s get back being children once again for one day! \m/

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