A Festive Breakfast in Jakarta with Nasi Kuning

Instead of plain rice, try nasi kuning, one festive breakfast in Jakarta. Nasi kuning or literally means yellow rice, can be easily found to be sold by breakfast vendors in the morning. It can be found along with nasi uduk, lontong sayur, and other breakfast menus.

The yellow color from nasi kuning came from turmeric and other spices. The taste is also savorier than plain white rice, as it is also soaked in coconut milk, like nasi uduk. Nasi kuning for breakfast in Jakarta is usually served with a few side dishes such as sambel goreng, tempeh, potatoes, peanuts, shredded chicken, and shredded omelette.

Aside from becoming an option for breakfast in Jakarta, nasi kuning is usually known to be served on festive occasions such as births, weddings, or to celebrate something in local tradition. Sometimes, it is made with a shape of cone, called tumpeng, also served with various side dishes.

There are also a few varieties of nasi kuning, depending on the area. So aside from Javanese nasi kuning, there are also nasi kuning Manado, nasi kuning Banjar, nasi kuning Bali, and many more. Which differentiate them from one of the other is the side dishes that are served along with the nasi kuning. For example, for nasi kuning Manado, they usually serve cakalang fish as side dishes.

The bright color of the rice makes it interesting, so more children will choose nasi kuning instead of plain white rice. Nasi kuning can be found easily throughout the city. Aside from the menu for breakfast in Jakarta, a few restaurants also can be found to include them in their menus.

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