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Jakarta is a home for foods of Indonesia. This is the best thing of capital city like Jakarta, you could find almost every characterize dishes from different regions in the archipelago. Gudeg, a specialty of Yogyakarta, is a dish made of young jackfruit stewed in coconut-milk, palm sugar, and traditional spices. The jackfruit dish is very slowly cooked in a clay pot until very tender, which may take up to several hours. Several teak (jati) leaves are added to give the jackfruit its reddish chocholate color.

The accompanying dishes are also cooked in a similar way, such as chicken, boiled egg, tofu, and tempe (fermented soybean). To balance the sweetness, there’s the spicy Sambal Goreng Krecek or buffalo skin also cooked in coconut-milk.

Tempe Bacem

Tempe Bacem

There are several variants of gudeg, such as: Gudeg Kering (Dry Gudeg), which is served with areh or thick, concentrated coconut milk; Gudeg Basah (Wet Gudeg), served with a more diluted areh; and Gudeg Solo, which is much lighter almost light pink in color as opposed to the traditional dark chocholate color.

Chicken Egg Gudeg with Jackfruits Gudeg as its background

Chicken Egg Gudeg with Jackfruits Gudeg spotted on the background

In Yogyakarta, the best way to enjoy this regional specialty is by eating at many lesehan stalls that line the city’s streets. Lesehan means sitting on mats and these establishments are basically sidewalk cafes where seating is provided right on the mat-covered sidewalks.

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