It is better than taxi

“I like it more than taxi!”

It was my friend from Austria, Bernd, told me about what he felt when he had a ‘bajaj’ ride in Jakarta, (bajaj is a vehicle with three wheels and using gas as its fuel). He was happy when the wind coming through bajaj’s open window and had a ‘pleasant’ moment when the driver showed his driving skill, always make a quick takeovers, in every possible way, lol. Bernd is Martin’s friend. They are working together in Austria, and got a chance to come to Jakarta. I must say thanks to Martin for recommending me as a guide in Jakarta. Without him, I could not show how fun bajaj ride is, and Bernd would not know that most of the driver in Jakarta has a fabulous driving skill. 😀

Jakarta Tourist Attractions

Natural Air Con on Bajaj

Although the main street that we should pass was closed due the Jakarta Marathon event (I was not happy with this by the way –red), but I tried to take another way to go. Grabbed a taxi, and start to tell the story about Jakarta inside it, while enjoying the traffic jam. At least, I could smile when Bernd got excited when he saw one motor bike with three passengers on it, hahaa..

Our walking tour was not only about visiting some touristic places or museums, but more about sharing the story. I let him walked around local markets, taste local snacks, and discussed everything which is not the same with what usually exist in his home town. There are so many differences. That’s why I can tell him so many stories. Everything that we saw during walking tour had its own story, why and how, what and who, unlimited possibility for type of questions that can arise.

I might not have every answer, but in each question that I can’t answer, it has something to be learned about. In the end of the day, it was not Bernd who learn something about Jakarta, but it’s me who got a lesson. Thank you for sharing the stories, and someday I want to say “you bring holiday in the dark tunnel” in the right place!


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