How To Make ‘Nasi Goreng’

If you have read about favorite Jakarta street food in previous posts, fried rice or ‘nasi goreng’ is not a new word for you. Nasi goreng is also already quite popular with foreigners who came to take a city tour Jakarta.

You can buy nasi goreng in a restaurant, street vendors or eat it in your local friend’s house and the price can differ depend on where you eat. If you buy it from mobile vendors that travel around the residential area, the price is usually IDR 10k per portion. Usually they make rounds at night, between 7 pm to 11 pm.

If you are hungry but the restaurants that sells nasi goreng already close and you don’t find any mobile vendors that still making their rounds, don’t worry. You can still cook it by yourself. It is quite simple to make. I’ll tell you how to make nasi goreng.

how to make nasi goreng

First, you will need these ingredients:
1) White rice 2) Vegetable oil 3) Egg 4) Garlic 5) Soy sauce 6) Vinegar 7) Fish sauce 8) Sweet soy sauce

9) Salt and pepper 10) Chili 11) Sliced scallions 12) Meatballs 13) Chicken stocks 14) Crackers 15) Pickles

Then, you can start cooking. This is how to do it:
1. Pour some vegetable oil into the wok, add sliced scallions, garlic and then stir it together
2. Add beaten egg, pour a tablespoon of soy sauce and fish sauce, then stir it together again
3. Pour a portion of white rice, add some meatballs, chili paste, salt and pepper before stir it again
4. Sprinkle the rice with some chicken stocks, a tablespoon of sweet soy sauce and stir it well until all the ingredients are blended nicely
5. Serve it on a plate, and garnish it with some pickles and fish or shrimp crackers

Here is the ‘how to make nasi goreng’ video :

There! Nasi goreng is ready in less than five minutes. Enjoy your meal 😉

how to make nasi goreng

Your home made nasi goreng ready to eat!

You can also add variations to your nasi goreng dish. For example, you can change meatballs with seafood, beef or mutton as you like. Or, if you feel buy a-ready-to-eat fried rice is better, then our Jakarta Food Tour might suits well on you. We are happy to take you to eat the best fried rice in town, find out more here