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It was a ‘familiar’ experience when I help Bae, Suriati, and Julia to explore Jakarta on late August 2015. They all came from Sabah, Malaysia, which has similar customs and habits as me as an Indonesian. When Asian girls are visiting new places, we should take a photo or selfie, or both. So, we did it, cheers!

Jakarta Walking Tour

Lucky for us, when we visited Jakarta Old Town, it was Sunday and it means it is a car FREE day. We can walk, stop, or do anything we want in the middle of the street. LOL.

Suriati is the best. She was ready to walk around Jakarta and use her Go Pro, Polaroid, and phone for one main reason, taking tons of photos!

Jakarta Walking Tour

Yes, she is beyond awesome! :’)

Here are some places we visited:

On that day, Jakarta is in the hottest ‘boiling point’, it was 34-35 Celsius and we were walking without umbrellas, only Bae had her red-royal-hat on her head. So, we decided to finish our walking tour on Gurame Fish Soup. Wait.. How could I finish a tour with a fish soup?

Jakarta Walking Tour

Bae with her ‘royal’ hat :p

Yes we could, we stopped at a Chinatown food court and ordered tekwan (fish soup from South Sumatra) and one big bowl of fish: Gurame soup. A friend of Bae recommended her to order Gurame Terbang that I’ve never heard of. Terbang means Fly, and Gurame is a kind of fish that has large fishbone, and we can eat the whole fish if it is deep fried. I help her to order the closest Gurame that we can found, so Gurame Soup it is!

Jakarta Walking Tour

Then, our walking tour closed by a fresh and yummy fish soup. Thank you for coming to Jakarta friends, hope you enjoy it all and have a good shopping experience in Jakarta! XoXo

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