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It was a perfect sunny day when I ran Jakarta walking tour with Francesca and Neil. I got an impression that I will start to like them, because we have something in common. We can smile and laugh easily. 😀

We started our walking tour in Monas, a national monument that surrounded by the largest park in the heart of Jakarta. And continue our walking tour to Jakarta Old Town and Jakarta Chinatown. I must say, we had a lucky day from the very beginning. We got a lot of chance to visit some place that usually will not open for public.

Where is it? The Amazing Tree House.

the tree house city tour jakarta

Usually, I cannot visit this house and just imagine what this tree house inside looks like from the outside. This place for photography purpose, and we must rent for the whole house to get inside it. We passed this house in the early morning and nobody is around. I asked the guard to take a peek inside and he allowed us to get in a while. See what you can see inside this amazing tree house in Jakarta!

the tree house city tour jakarta

Tree eats the house

Another lucky chance was a shadow puppet performance that held just for that day in June. Even we cannot understand Javanese language that shadow puppet master said, but the music was so amazing. They played with a full set of gamelan (Javanese music orchestra for shadow puppet performance) and brought two sinden (singer) that have magical and enchanting voices.

Since Francesca and Neil decided to stay long here, they asked me a lot of things about this city. Yes, we did a city tour, but actually we were talking, discussing, and commenting everything about Jakarta.

I was introducing Francesca local habits, customs, and some ‘tricks’ to live like a real local. How to take a bus ride, where to shop or buy specific things in Jakarta, and eat a lot of Jakarta snacks. It was not even a Jakarta Food Tour, but they had a full stomach in one day with me, lol.

coconut ice drinks

I cannot get enough to please the lovely couple I just met on that day. So, after hours of walking, chatting, and eating, I took them to a foot massage parlor in local Chinese mall. Neil, who was supposed to be stronger than Francesca and I, cannot endure the strong hand of his foot therapist.

It was hurt a little, but it’s for his sake. But, he can’t endure it and said, “I don’t care what he said, just stop it!” with a horrified face. I and Francesca cannot stop laughing at him. Hahaha…

But, when the therapist starts to do head massage, he really liked it. It was like he can took it forever, and again, we laughed at him harder and harder. 😀

After a wonderful Jakarta tour that we had, Francesca said to me, “When I found your website, it is really like oh my God this is what I looking for, and yes it is. So, I can’t wait for our Jakarta Food Tour next month!”

bank indonesia museum

Chatting with two local kids who speak English very well! Amazing kids in their young age

Yes, she and Neil want to book my other tour experience, Jakarta Food Tour. I am so touched that people enjoy a walking tour with me and had an unforgettable moment in Jakarta. This capital city is not a touristic city, but such a lovely city. People can fall in love so easily as long as they start to open their heart to love, something that I did since a long time ago. 😉

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