Sunday activity idea: Car Free Day

car free day in jakarta

Jakarta is the busiest city in Indonesia. Motorbikes, cars, buses, they hit the road every single day. What if…all the cars, motorbikes, pollution suddenly disappear? In CAR FREE DAY, those dreams are possible. 

Every Sunday morning, from 6 to 11 AM, the police officers will close the main street of Jakarta for everyone who wants to exercise or just hang around to refresh their mind. It is from Bundaran Senayan (near Gelora Bung Karno football stadion) to MH Thamrin Street (could up to Monas Park). It approximately has 6,5 kilometer for each way, and the police will close two ways street in Car Free Day. Total 13 kilometer just for people!

Most Jakartans will gather around Bundaran Hotel Indonesia (in front of Grand Indonesia Mall) since there is a lot of booths and music live show will setting up on Thamrin Street until Bendungan Hilir Street. These area could provide parking service for Jakartans who come to enjoy Car Free Day. We as a local, do not have exercise habit. Yes, we should admit that fact. However we still come for exploring, hanging out with friends/family, or gathering with our local community.

Then, what you could do in Jakarta’s Car Free Day as a tourist?

Car Free Day Idea #1: Sit on the street and post it on instagram

This might sounds silly. But in fact, you can not sit on the busy street of Jakarta everyday. It is not small street or ‘regular back alley’ that looks like similiar anywhere in Asian countries. On Car Free Day, you could sleep, sit, whatever you want in main street of Jakarta. MAIN STREETS, near business district with all those sky scrappers as your background. 

sunday activity car free day

Car Free Day Idea #2: Try street foods

The crowded street and food sellers. It is trying to answer old question,”Chicken or Egg, which one comes first?” Hahaha. Whatever the answer might be, try street foods on Car Free Day is never be wrong idea. Another tricky question, which street food that I should buy? How do I know that one is tastier than the other one? Nah, you never know. Also, everyone has their own preferable flavor. Just try to find clean stalls then buy it. My mom always told me to look on street seller feet before buy anything on the street. If they can not keep their feet clean, how could they manage to have our food safe? Logic. 

Car Free Day Idea #3: Strolling around by foot

Just go with the flow. Join local activity on Car Free Day. Talk to Jakartans. Eat ice cream. Sit somewhere then pay attention for anything happens in front of your eyes. Slowing down, walking, and enjoying the vibe. If you like photography, you definitely would love Car Free Day. It is a good chance to understand more about melting pot city like Jakarta. Hear stories, capture moments when every body feel relax. 

Car Free Day Idea #4: Rent bike

Of course, we don’t recommend you to bike in normal day but in Car Free Day? Definitely a YES. It is safer. You could go far with wheels. However, there is no rent bike place on the street (read: Car Free Day). You need to go rent bike shop by your own before you hit the road. Based on our experience, you need to book it couple day before Sunday morning. No go show. Small effort like email or phone call will worth a try. 

So, are you ready to get up early on Sunday? See you there, on Car Free Day!

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