Dasaad Musin Concern Building in Jakarta Old Town Area, Reflecting an Example of Indonesian Native Success

A Historical Building of Indonesian Richest Businessman That Reflect the Prosperous Era of Old Batavia in The Past

There are many colonial historical buildings that are being preserved as cultural heritage in the vicinity of Jakarta Old Town area. Their presence provides beautiful scenery to be viewed and enjoyed among the tourists who visit the area. Among them, there is a big building that was owned by the most successful native Indonesian businessman in the early post-colonial era, and that building is called Dasaad Musin Concern Building.

A Brief History of the Iconic Dasaad Musin Concern Building That Once Strived Through Different Eras of Old Batavia and the Modern Jakarta

The Dasaad Musin Concern was said to be owned by Agoes Moesin Dasaad (August 25, 1905 – November 11, 1970), a businessman of Philippines and Indonesian descendants. He was born into a family of merchants. He has been active in the import industry since around 1930s. He has been close with Indonesian former president, Soekarno, and played a significant role by being a benefactor of Soekarno and Mohammad Hatta in preparing Indonesian independence. He was also a part of BPUPKI (The Investigating Committee for Preparatory Work of Independence). After the fall of Old Order, the success of his business starts to decline.

The Use of Dasaad Musin Concern Building in The Modern Jakarta Old Town That Adds the Beautiful View While Strolling on Walking Tour in Jakarta

The once majestic and luxurious building eventually has become an abandoned building that has no purpose and only serves as a decorative building to adorn the scenery of Jakarta Old Town. The Indonesian government in fact has been planning to buy the building and restore it as a cultural heritage of Jakarta. However, there is still no news about it since there is still no agreement about the price yet. But it is said that the building is open for the public to visit and look around, and sometimes can be used as a photoshoot set.

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Explore Jakarta Old Town and Find the Traditional Way to Exchange News Through the Kota Post Office

Take a Glance of Look Through the Historical Post Office Within the Vicinity of Jakarta Old Town Area

The Jakarta Old Town area is widely known as a tourist attraction in Jakarta, either by local or foreign tourists. Inside the vicinity, there are many historical buildings with various functions. These buildings mainly were built in the colonial era. Even though in this modern time they serve different purposes, the architectural designs are preserved to reminisce the style of that era. One of these historical buildings is the Kota Post Office or locals call it “Kantor Pos Kota”.

The Brief History of Kantor Pos Kota That Adorns the Scenery of Jakarta Old Town as A Part of The Route on Walking Tour in Jakarta

The building was originally designed by Ir. R. Baumgartner in 1929. It was designed with a New Pragmatism style that was popular in the Netherlands and Dutch East Indies by the end of 1920s. The architectural style is adjusted to Indonesian climate by the double façade elements. This architectural style can also bee seen on other buildings near the Post Office.

Visiting the Post Office in to Find Out the Difference of Purpose Between the Old Batavia and Modern Jakarta

Since the post-colonial era, even until this modern era, the building still serves its purpose as a Post Office. Citizens can still send mail, packages, postcards, and even pay bills in this Post Office. Other than operating as a Post Office, the building currently also houses a contemporary gallery. You can find the building easily as it faces the Fatahillah Square across the Jakarta History Museum.

Find And Explore More Interesting Story About the Post Office and Old Batavia with Jakarta Walking Tour

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An Iconic Historical “Yellow House” That Adorns the Beauty of the Jakarta Old Town Area

A Striking Iconic Building That Catches the Eye Alongside the Road of Jakarta Old Town Area

As a part of the Jakarta Old Town Area, historical buildings are lined up at the side of Kali Besar area. They are the buildings where The Red Store is standing. At the corner, there is a big fancy building with an iconic colonial style, which is called the “Yellow House” or more popularly known as Yellow Lion House. It is not as popular as the The Red Store, but it sure holds a significance for Jakarta history.

A Brief History of the Yellow House as You Stroll Around Historical Buildings in Your Jakarta Old Town Walking Tour

The Yellow House is located southwest of Buffalo Building. It is called the Yellow Lion House since there was a pair of lion statues that were painted yellow color at the front door. It was originally a Dutch castle that was built around the 18th Century. In the colonial era, the building was once used as a bank, firm, and even as a residence. One of the officials that once reside there is a German noble, Friedrich von Wurmb, that would become one of the founders of National Library.

Take A Glance of the Yellow House in Modern Days as Tourist to Pass by the Jakarta Old Town Area for Tour in Jakarta

In the present day, the Yellow House has become a tourist attraction alongside the buildings next to it, including The Red Store. Even though it is not open to the public, people often take a glance at the iconic building structure and take photos while visiting the area. A look at the building will get you a picture of how prosperous the area in the past was.

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A Glance of a Significant Historical Place, “Kali Besar”, to Visit Alongside Your Walking Tour in Jakarta

A Historical Place That Holds Importance Aside Museums to Visit Alongside the Jakarta Old Town

To learn about the history of Jakarta, you can visit museums, old buildings, or a square in the Jakarta Old Town area. Fatahillah Square and Jakarta History Museum for example. However, there is also one place that holds a big importance in Jakarta History, which is the iconic big canal or called Kali Besar.

A Brief History of Kali Besar, Once A Canal That Holds a Big Importance for the Old Batavia in the Past

The Kali Besar, or in Dutch was called de Groote Rivier, was once a stream of Ciliwung River that had been straightened around the year of 1631-1632. In the early days Batavia in the 17th Century, ships usually sailed along a canal to Kali Besar. But with the change of the land and structures and ships are getting bigger, only smaller ships can anchor alongside the canal. It became a place to drop goods from smaller ships that carry them from bigger ships in Sunda Kelapa Harbor.

Trace the Change from the Past to the Future of Jakarta from Kali Besar as A Part of Jakarta Old Town

In the Dutch colonial era, the Kali Besar was the center of commerce in the Old Batavia, and it became an elite area and there are many European big buildings that was build around it. However, the situation changed drastically due to an epidemic in the 1900s. The Kali Besar is no longer the center of economy as many people move to other prospective areas. Now in the present, the Kali Besar and the buildings around it have become a tourist attraction. Some of them are the Diamond City Bridge, Mercure Hotel, and The Red Store that now also functions as a restaurant.

See The Iconic Place with Your Own Eye as a Part of Your Walking Tour in Jakarta Old Town Area

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Reminisce the View of Old Batavia by the Modern Fatahillah Square in Jakarta Old Town

Learning Jakarta History in Fatahillah Square as You Take a Stroll as a Part of Jakarta Walking Tour

One of the most iconic landmarks in Jakarta to visit is the Jakarta Old Town Area, where the Jakarta History Museum or Museum Fatahillah established. The museums are the ones that you will often see in souvenirs, postcards, or stamps that represent the city. In front of the the museum, stretched out a town square. It is as popular and as iconic as the museum, since it is an inseparable part of the city hall from the Old Batavia era.

A Brief History of the Importance Past and Modern Fatahillah Square as An Iconic Part of Jakarta Old Town

The first city hall of Batavia was built in 1620, and like many other European style structures, the city hall included a square, called Stadhuisplain, which is the Fatahillah Square in modern era. According to a painting, there was a water fountain at the center of the square that functioned as a water source for the citizens. It is believed that the water from the fountain was from Pancoran Glodok. The fountain went missing in the 19th Century but was later found in 1972 by excavating the area. Pipes that connect the water fountain to the source were also found. With that source of evidence, the water fountain was rebuilt according to the painting and in 1973, the square was renamed as Fatahillah Square or Taman Fatahillah.

Things You Can See and Do in Fatahillah Square as A Part of Jakarta Old Town Area

In the modern era, Fatahillah Square has become a popular tourist attraction, not only among foreign tourists, but also locals. There are many activities to do at the square. Taking photos, playing with toys, riding bycicles, or snacking for example. Or you can choose to eat at one of the restaurants around it and see the square as you look through the windows. As so many people come especially on holidays or weekends, there are also many street vendors. The square is mostly open to visit every day except when there is a particular event, but museums around it will be closed every Monday.

Explore More Interesting Things by Yourself by Visiting the Jakarta Old Town Area as a Part of Walking Tour in Jakarta

To find more of what to see and do at Fatahillah Square while learning about Jakarta History, come visit the place by yourself. Join us on our Jakarta Old Batavia Tour during your stay in the city. We will take you to explore the history, culture, and more of the city. See you around!

Jakarta Old Town Tour


An Old Proverb said “History can shape our future”. We are definitely agree with the relevance between past and future time. What you see on Jakarta in the old time play the biggest part of Jakarta today. Lucky for you, now we can show you an ‘evidence’ of glorious Jakarta in the old time, in a place called Jakarta Old Town.

Jakarta Old Town or Kota Tua is a place that surrounded by old building which built on Dutch colonial era around 16th century. The old building has wonderful structure, architecture, and you can see it blend with modern touch.

You can visit some of those building because it has function as a museum or restaurant, such as Bank of Indonesia Museum, Indonesia Puppet Museum (Wayang Museum Jakarta), Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum, The Red Store (Toko Merah Jakarta), Café Batavia, et cetera. The rest are other building which still privately owned and become office building, so they are unable to visit.

But, cannot visit does not mean you cannot see, right?

In Jakarta Old Town Tour, we will help you to reminisce the old vibe around Jakarta Old Town.

  • We will walk around big canal that had important role in the old time
  • We will visit some interesting museum that will help you know better about Indonesian and its spices history
  • We will stroll around Jakarta Old Town Square where you can taste local foods, traditional ice drink, popsicles, Jakarta street food, and everything!

On our city tour, all you need to prepare is a happy feet to explore and a big heart to understand real part of Jakarta. Do not worry about Jakarta’s sun heat, we will treat you FREE coconut milk popsicle!



Price              :  49  Euro per person
Duration          : 4 hours
Type of Tour      : Walking Tour with Jakarta Private Tour Guide
Meeting point    : Guest Pickup around Central Jakarta

Included :
1. Guest Pickup (around Central Jakarta)
2. All Public Transportation Round-trip Ticket
3. All Museum Entrance Tickets
4. Snacks and Mineral Water During The Tour (snack options depends on availability)
5. Jakarta Travel Guide Service

Not Included  : Meals, Personal Expenses, Private Transportation
Bonus           : Asemka Market Visit (Wholesale Souvenir Market)

Need more information about Jakarta Old Town Tour? Please send us email to : tahu@jakartawalkingtour.com or simply ask us on here : Contact Us

Wayang Museum Jakarta

Indonesia‘s Shadow Puppet Theater is well known as a part of local tradition with very long history. Every tribe in different regions in Indonesia has their own kind of puppet, we call it ‘wayang’. As a traveler, you might need to go all over the place to know deeply about various kind of wayang in Indonesia. But, for a glimpse? You should visit Wayang Museum Jakarta, because they have it all.

Wayang Museum Jakarta

Wayang Museum Jakarta

The Wayang Museum Jakarta is located in Jakarta Old Town area (Kota Tua), West Jakarta. It opens from 9 am to 3 pm with IDR 5 k entrance ticket per person.  The Wayang Museum Jakarta open almost every day except for Monday and any of Indonesia’s national holidays,  because museum’s maintenance should be done once a week.

Shadow Puppet (Wayang) made from Cow Skin

Shadow Puppet (Wayang) made from Cow Skin. Beautiful, isn’t?

Gundala-Gundala. North Sumatra Puppet that will play when local people asking about rain to God

Gundala-Gundala. North Sumatra Puppet (3 metre tall) that will play when local people ask for the rain from God

For foreigner who want to hear wonderful story about Indonesia’s shadow puppets, Wayang Museum Jakarta can provide you a free tour guide who knows very well about  their wayang collections. I recommend you all to ask about that tour guide service in Wayang Museum Jakarta front desk, it is really worth it. The tour guide will explain to you about background stories of some play in wayang show, how to make wayang, and everything you need to know about wayang. Make sure you do not miss that free service in Wayang Museum Jakarta.

How to Draw Wayang Instruction on  The Floor

How to Draw Wayang Instruction on The Floor

Beside various kind of local puppet shadows collection, Wayang Museum Jakarta also displays numerous dolls from countries like India, France, Cambodia, China, Germany, et cetera. It seems like puppet culture is a global culture that spread around the world.

Katakali Doll from Southern India

Katakali Doll from Southern India

Since 2007, Indonesian Wayang recognized as the world heritage of masterpiece creation by United Nation. So, I think Wayang Museum Jakarta should be a very interesting place to visit while you take a city tour Jakarta, right? 😀

Toko Merah Jakarta in Jakarta Old Town

The Red Shop – well known as ‘Toko Merah’ – always become my very first place to start exploring around Jakarta Old Town (Kota Tua). Unfortunately, I found that not many local guide recommend Toko Merah Jakarta as an interesting place to visit when run a city tour Jakarta.

The fact is if I compare Toko Merah Jakarta with another tourist attraction place around Jakarta Old Town, Toko Merah might be put last on the list of visiting place choices. Less glamour, less attraction, no English speaking tour guide, and it is just a building, with no slide show, no history dioramas, no printed story, nothing.

Toko Merah (The Red Shop)

Toko Merah Jakarta (The Red Shop)

However, nothingness is not bad at all.

I realize that Toko Merah Jakarta offers us the silence, so we can absorb old vibe better than any place around.

Toko Merah's Main Lobby

Toko Merah’s Main Lobby

The building keeper told me that Toko Merah Jakarta was built in 1730 as the residence of the Governor-General of the Dutch East Indies Gustaaf Willem baron van Imhoff. Afterwards, the ownership of this building changed several times, and the building function is changed as followed.  Hotel, Bank, Hospital, Warehouse, and when Toko Merah Jakarta owned by a Kapitein der Chinezen of Batavia, Oey Liauw Kong in 1851, it became a shop and private residence.

It was cashier counter  when Toko Merah had a bank function

It was cashier counter when Toko Merah Jakarta had a bank function

The Chinese Kapitein decorated the building, painted brick walls with red color, so it was known as Toko Merah. When he had decorated with his personal taste, he did not change the original building structure . Toko Merah Jakarta had kept Dutch building structure, with huge windows, double tall doors, high ceilings, hanging lamps, et cetera. So, the Chinese decoration blend with Dutch architecture until now. Quite interesting, right?

Lobby's Door

Toko Merah Lobby’s Door

Huge Window at 2nd floor

Huge Window at 2nd floor

Hanging Lamp

Hanging Lamp

So, when you do a city tour Jakarta in Jakarta Old Town area, make sure you put Toko Merah Jakarta on your visit list. You need to pay IDR 10 k for one person as an entrance ticket. Small money for a better understanding of Old Jakarta (Batavia) sounds remarkable, isn’t it?

Toko Merah is two building merged by its owner

Toko Merah : two building merged by its owner


One Day City Tour Jakarta

A combination of bad traffic and limited time might not help you with one day chance to visit whole Jakarta. So, I give you 4 place which can put on your one day city tour Jakarta itinerary :

1. One Day City Tour Jakarta : Visit  Jakarta Old Town (Batavia)

Located on North Jakarta, Jakarta Old Town area is a place where you can find a lot of old building with Dutch architecture and museums.

Dutch Architecture Main Gate on The Red Shop Museum

The Red Shop’s Main Gate with Dutch Architecture

You also can found some museum in Jakarta Old Town area :
– Bank Indonesia Museum
The Red Shop — currently closed for renovation
– Arts and Crafts Museum
Wayang Museum Jakarta
– Fatahillah Museum
– Indonesia Post Office Museum

I suggest you to spend at least half day to stroll around Jakarta Old Town. If you do not have many time left, visiting Bank Indonesia Museum (Museum Bank Indonesia) and Wayang Museum Jakarta is a must, do not skip those two museums. Trust me.

2. One Day City Tour Jakarta : Visit Jakarta Chinatown (Glodok, Petak Sembilan)

From Jakarta Old Town area, you just need to walk around 15 minutes to Jakarta Chinatown. You can take a glimpse of traditional market, local Chinese mall, or eat in Chinese food restaurant. And you can also find Viharas, Chinese Church around that area. But, to walk around Jakarta Chinatown is a little bit tricky, because there has a lot of small alleys, you do not want to get lost and wasting your precious time, don’t you?

A Glimpse of Vihara

A Glimpse of Vihara

3. One Day City Tour Jakarta : Visit Monas at night

Next, you can put Monas on your Jakarta Day Trips. National Monument or Monas Jakarta located in the heart of Jakarta. It stands 132 meter from the ground and it has 35 kilograms pure gold at the top of it. Actually, you can go up there to see Jakarta from the top of Monas Jakarta, but the queue is unbelievably too long, you better go to a higher building if you really want to see Jakarta from the top.

Image Courtesy : Media Indonesia

Image Courtesy : Media Indonesia

So, the second option (a better option, I think) is to visit Monas public garden at night. In 82 hectare area, you can see Monas Jakarta spread splendidly with colorful lights. Everyone can come to Monas Garden until midnight to do sport, recreation, etc.

4. Eat and Mingle at Sabang Street at night

Sabang Street is also known as Haji Agus Salim Street located on Central Jakarta, near Sarinah Mall and has various kind of restaurants, food trucks, or Jakarta street food. You can find Western, Eastern, Indonesian, and even Fast Food on Sabang Street. When sun goes down, Sabang Street get more visitors, people seems to never sleep!

Food Truck on Sabang Street (image courtesy : news portal okezone[dot]com]

Food Truck on Sabang Street (image courtesy : news portal okezone[dot]com]

For one day city tour Jakarta, we also recommend you to visit National Museum in Central Jakarta in the morning. They will tell you more about Indonesia’s culture and heritage in one place. At least you need 2 hours to see all their famous collections, a lot of interesting stuffs and stories. So, are you ready to explore Jakarta in one day? To get some help about arranging tour, go check our city tour offer here