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Jakarta Walking Tour featured on Air Asia inflight magazine February 2019 edition. Travel 360 write feature article about food tour experience around Asian country.

Taste for Travel. The best way to connect with other cultures is through food and here we explore some of the best food tours in the region to whet every traveller’s appetite.

On page 60 – 64 Travel 360 summarize several country where people could immerse local culture through food tour. China, Malaysia, Japan, New Zealand, Thailand, Morocco, Vietnam, South Korea, India, and Indonesia chosen as countries in Asia which have very fond food culture.

Jakarta Food Tour as a part of Jakarta Walking Tour that open since 2015 represent Indonesia (on this article – red) to bring the best local food for anyone who visit Indonesia, especially Jakarta.

Air Asia goes to Jakarta

Jakarta Food Tour. A great way to get acquinted with Jakarta’s street food in through this four-hour tour by Jakarta Walking Tour. On the menu are local favourites including pempek (fish cakes), siomay (steamed dumplings with peanut sauce) and es teler (iced dessert with coconut milk, jackfruit and avocado).
– Travel 360 magazine, February 2019 edition page 61 

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My mind wandering about snow in Jakarta

There is a lake that you can see 3 meters below clearly. There is Mozart House, there is Arnold Schwarzenegger birth place, and there is Martin’s hometown called Austria, a country in Europe continent which has 7 million people live in it. While I and Martin had a walk around Jakarta, it is not only I who told the story about Jakarta, but he also took me to ‘fly’ to Austria, his beautiful hometown.

Jakarta Tourist AttractionsThank you for sharing and made me wondering about Vienna, the clean lake, and also the snow. Now, it is time for me to share about our walking tour in Jakarta. So, I still remember the weather on that day. It was extremely hot, and even I who used to that kind of sunlight almost every day here, still sweating all over my body. But, surprisingly Martin liked the sun. He told me that his friend should be jealous because Austria is very, very cold around October, reaching five degrees during winter time.

So, he didn’t mind with the heat, and I took him to Jakarta Old Town Square and Chinatown. We stop in whole sale market and see a lot of souvenir and gifts, something that Martin can’t find back in Austria. We didn’t buy any, but see many. I enjoyed the crowd and let Martin know that we had a popular gem stones among men, fried snacks (banana, cassava, tofu), sweeten fruits called “manisan” (mango, ambarella), and local snack from coconut called “pancong” cake.

After strolled around the crowd, the local music performance, and people of Jakarta, then we wrapped the day on Jakarta city land mark, Monas! Thank you for being a part of Jakarta walking tour, and I was happy to help him know better about the city. See you under the same sun!

Martin Austria Guest Jakarta Tour Review